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Point of sale insurance integration for digital businesses

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Insurance technology platform

All your info in one place :

Sales in real-time

Fully digital experience

Boost your business.

+5% margin increase

Simple and fast


Online, offline and post purchase integrations

Launch in hours

Our plugins integrate in a few hours

One click purchase

Seamless integration in your customer journey

An omnichannel solution

Integrate anywhere: online, in store or post purchase and give your customers peace of mind

Estaly online


Estaly in-store


A solution for all types of industries

Small or large, e-commerce, physical retail, financial services or startups, our solutions are tailored to your needs.

Financial services & lending

Offer complementary point of sale coverage and increase bottom line profits


More margins and more sales for you, a comprehensive coverage for your customers

E-commerce & retail

Increase customer LTV with product insurance and extended warranties

Jewelry & eyewear

Comprehensive coverage for valuables

Fintech & banks

Leverage insurance to drive profitability

We only make money if you do

No setup fee
No setup fee

No integration or setup costs. Estaly only charges you if you sell policies.

Shared commission 
on premiums
Shared commission on premiums

Generate a new stream of revenue with commissions on premiums, which flows directly to your bottom line.

Instant repeat 
purchases after claim
Instant repeat purchases after claim

Our products are designed to increase your CLTV. In the event of a claim, we provide an instant buyout for you when possible.


Who handles the claims?

Estaly handles the whole claims process, your customers file a claim on our website or on their Estaly account and we take care of everything from there.

How do I setup Estaly?

Can I cancel my policy ?

You can cancel your policy at ANY time without having to provide any justification. You get at least 14 days of money back guarantee to review the cover and apply get fully refunded. Passed this period, you can get a pro rata refund.

How is Estaly relevant for my business?

Estaly allows you to offer your customers a modern and relevant coverage, while driving additionnal revenue for your business and repeat sales.

Who is the risk carrier?

We work with a network of top-tier insurance companies to ensure the best possible rates and coverage for your customers.

How much will it cost me to integrate Estaly?

Estaly is 100% free to integrate.

How does Estaly make money?

We only make money if you do, we take a small fee on each policy sold.

I already have an insurance partner, how can Estaly help me?

Are my products eligible?

We cover anything that’s not consumable, from electronics, appliances, bikes, jewelry, eyewear, musical instruments and more. Anything thats susceptible to break, fail or get stolen.

How does my business make money with Estaly?

You get a commission on every insurance policy sold.

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